Adding a Device to Your Duo Account

Important:  UIS highly recommends that you add multiple devices (at least a secondary device) to your Georgetown Duo account. By having more than one device registered, you will still be able to log in to your applications (by switching to that device during the Duo authentication process), even if you forget, damage, or lose the device, such as your mobile phone, you use regularly to authenticate. You can register a mobile phone, tablet, landline such as your office desk phone, and even the phone of a trusted friend. (A trusted friend is a person you can reach out to if you ever need help getting into your Georgetown account [e.g., you forget your mobile device and can’t get into your Georgetown Google Apps account]. NoteThe trusted friend must also be enrolled in Georgetown Duo before you can add that person's device.) 

Note:  You must first be enrolled in Georgetown Duo before you can add a device. Also, make sure you've installed the Duo Mobile app on your device. 

Click here if you need to replace an existing device that you've previously registered with a new device

  1. Go to any Georgetown Web page (on which the standard Georgetown login prompt appears), such as Georgetown Google Apps, or GU Box, and then enter your NetID and password. The Duo screen will be displayed. 
  2. In the Duo screen, peform the following:  (Note:  Make sure the device you're using to authenticate is connected to a wireless network.) 
    1. Click Send me a Push.
    2. Click Cancel
    3. Click on the X button to remove the banner at the bottom of the screen.  
  3. In the Duo screen, click on Settings. From the drop-down menu, click on the link Add a new device. (Note:  Contact the Service Center [] if you don't have access to any other devices you've already enrolled.) 
    Select the "add a device" option
  4. You'll first need to authentice in Duo in order to add your device, so select an authentication method (e.g., via your mobile device), and then complete the authentication.
    Duo screen with authentication options     

    You might need to scroll down to view these options. (Note:  On your device, you might be prompted to approve the authentication twice.) 
    Duo screen with authentication options displayed

  5. Click one of the following links for instructions on how to add your device.  


Add a Mobile Phone

  1. In the following screen, select Mobile phone and then click Continue
    Selecting mobile phone as the new device
  2. In the next screen, enter in the text box the phone number of the device you want to register for Georgetown Duo, click the check box next to You entered ___. Is this the correct number?, and then click Continue. (You should see a check mark next to the phone number if you entered the number correctly and in the sample format shown below the text box.)
    Enter your device's phone number
  3. In the next screen, select the type of device you're registering, and then click Continue. (
    Choose device type
  4. In the next screen, click I have Duo Mobile installed. (You might need to scroll down the screen to display the button.)
    Indicate you have Duo installed     Indicate you have Duo Mobile app installed

    The following screen will be displayed:
    Activate Duo by scanning barcode     Activate Duo by scanning barcode

  5. Hold your device up to the bar code (as if you were taking a picture of it), close enough so that your device's camera can scan it.

  6. If Duo scanned the bar code successfully, you'll see a check mark display on the bar code, as shown below. Click Continue.
    Device activation and confirmation     Device activation and confirmation

  7. Scroll down to the bottom of the next screen and then click Continue to Login, as shown in the screen images below.
    New device listing displayed     New device listing displayed

  8. You've now successfully added your iOS device to your Georgetown Duo account. The Duo authentication screen is displayed, and you can now proceed to authenticate to your application using Duo.  
    Duo authentication screen


Adding a Landline

  1. In the "Add a new device" screen, select Landline and then click Continue
    Select landline as device to add

  2. In the next screen, enter the phone number (including area code) of your phone in the format shown. If you entered the number in the proper format, you'll see a check mark appear. Click the check box at the bottom of the screen confirming the phone number you added, and then click Continue
    Enter landline phone number     Add landline phone number

    Your landline is now added to your Duo account, as shown in the screen below. 
    landline added confirmation     

  3. Click Continue to Login to continue with authenticating to your application using your landline. 
    Click the button 'Continue to Login'

  4. In the next screen, make sure your landline is selected from the Device drop-down list, and then click Call Me.  
    Authenticate with landline

  5. Answer your phone (the call will be shown to be coming from 202-687-4949), and then press the asterisk (*) key on your phone's keypad when prompted by the automated message. You should now be logged in to your application.