GU Google Apps

Georgetown brings the power of Google to your fingertips no matter where you teach, work, and learn. Georgetown Google Apps accounts come with most of the apps (see list below) that are included with a personal Google account, so you can do pretty much anything in your Georgetown Google Apps account that you can in a personal Google account.

Click here if you receive a message when you log in to Georgetown Gmail from Chrome to create a new profile.

Sign In

Sign in by going to the Georgetown Google Apps page, clicking on Log In, and then entering your NetID and password at the prompt. You must enroll in and set up Georgetown Duo two-factor authentication in order to access your Google Apps account. (Note: After you’ve set up your mobile device for Duo, make sure you have your mobile device with you when you log in to your Google Apps account so that you can approve the Duo authentication notification.)

Google Apps Features

With Georgetown Google Apps, you can:

  • Send and receive email
  • Set up calendar appointments and personal reminders
  • View other peoples’ Google calendars
  • Maintain a list of your favorite contacts
  • Surf the Web
  • Chat with classmates and colleagues
  • Create documents (text, spreadsheets, presentations, and forms)
  • Upload and share documents to the cloud
  • Conduct virtual meetings

You can also easily connect to your Georgetown Google Apps account using your smartphone (iPhone, Android, Windows Phone) or tablet (iPad). Just click here for details and instructions on using Georgetown Google Apps with your mobile device.

First Name.Last Name E-mail Address

Faculty and staff have the option to use a firstname.lastname e-mail address in addition to, or instead of, your NetID email address. To claim your first name.last name email:

  1. Ensure that your Preferred Name in GMS appears as you want your e-mail address to be.
  2. Go to the firstname.lastname e-mail address claim page to claim your e-mail address.

Accessing Google Apps with Chrome

Google Chrome is optimized for viewing Georgetown Google Apps. If you use a Georgetown secure computer, follow these steps to start using Chrome. Otherwise, visit the Google Chrome Web page to download Chrome if it is not already installed on your computer.

Georgetown Google Apps can also be viewed from other Web browsers. You may need to use other Web browsers for other GU applications.

Setting Up Google Apps On Your Mobile Device

Note:  UIS strongly recommends that you use the Gmail and Google Calendar apps to access your mail and calendar. The apps are available in the App Store and Google Play for iPhone/iPad and Android devices, respectively.

Getting Help with Google Apps