NetID & Passwords

Change Your Password


NetIDs are automatically assigned, unique electronic identifiers for each authorized user at Georgetown. Having a NetID does not automatically give access to all computer systems or services.

The Identity & Access Management team also coordinates the creation of departmental Administrative NetIDs and Aliases for Google AppsGoogle Groups and Box accounts.



NetID Password Management System

Resetting/Changing Your Password

You can reset your password using Georgetown’s online password management system, Password Station.

(Note: You’ll need to enroll in Georgetown’s NetID password management system, Password Station and enroll in Duo two-factor authentication before you can reset your password.)

NoteFor new members of the GU community (those who have not yet had a permanent NetID password) and GU alumni who know their current password, please click here for instructions on how to reset your password (you may be prompted for your NetID and password to access the instructions). If you don’t know your current password, please contact the Georgetown Service Center for assistance by going to

Getting Help

If you need assistance with resetting your password, you can contact the Georgetown University Service Center by going to