Sponsored University Associates

Who are Sponsored University Associates?
Sponsored University Associates (SUAs) are individuals who are “lightly affiliated” with Georgetown University. They engage with Georgetown in a variety of non-academic and academic roles, and do not function as employees of the university. Contractors, collaborators, volunteers, and vendor reps, are examples of Sponsored University Associates.

What form should I use for a Sponsored Associate?
The SUA Request Form (PDF) can be completed for a person who needs a NetID as an Associate.

The SUA form must be submitted to the GU sponsoring department administrator or a GU human resource representative. They will then use that information to create an associate record in university systems. DO NOT send SUA forms via email or the ticket system. Protected information must only be submitted to a Box folder provided by the department that is sponsoring you.

Who can add new Sponsored Associates to the SUA system?
Only authorized submitters in each department can add new Sponsored University Associates. The submitter is often the one who handles HR/administration for a department.

Where does an authorized submitter go to enter a new Sponsored Associate? 
A submitter can use the NetID-enabled SUA entry tool.

What is the new identity verification process?
Each Associate must provide verification of identity to the sponsoring department in the form of a government-issued photo ID (driver’s license or passport). If the application is submitted remotely, a photo copy of the driver’s license or passport must be included. The authorized individual in the department, known as the Attester, reviews the documents, and records the information in the SUA system.

How long can an Associate be active without review?
Associate status is granted for a maximum of one year at a time, but can be renewed an indefinite number of times.

What services do Sponsored University Associates receive?
Associates automatically receive a NetID, GUID, and Google Apps account. For a list of additional services available on request, see the services available for SUAs.

May minors who are Non-Georgetown Student Volunteers or Unpaid Interns go into the SUA system?
Yes. The Georgetown University’s Protection of Minors Policy sets forth guidelines and requirements for the protection of minors (individuals under the age of 18) who are involved in University programs and activities, and for University faculty, staff and students who are involved in such programs.

A supervisor of a minor volunteer or unpaid intern must notify the Office of Compliance and Ethics (OCE) at protectionofminors@georgetown.edu  and provide the minor’s name, the name and net ID of the supervisor, the name of the department, the dates of engagement, and a brief description of the work the minor will be doing. OCE will then advise the supervisor of his/her obligations under the Protection of Minors Policy.

The supervisor of every minor who will work as an unpaid volunteer or intern may but is not required to enter the minor volunteer or intern into the SUA system by submitting a SUA request form.

Who can I contact for help or support?
Questions can be directed to the SUA Administrator at suaadministrator@georgetown.edu.