Our Initiatives

GU-Verizon WiFi Network Upgrade (Georgetown-Verizon Partnership)

Georgetown University is partnering with Verizon on a multi-year project to upgrade the university’s WiFi infrastructure. This upgrade will result in a significant overall improvement in Internet coverage across campus, including increased capacity in areas of high WiFi usage, faster WiFi connection speeds, better coverage in areas that have traditionally experienced less reliable coverage, and the ability to handle more connections.

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(Georgetown-Salesforce Partnership)

GU360 is Georgetown’s implementation of the state-of-the-art Salesforce platform, which is the leading Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) system. The goal of GU360 is to build a “connected campus”, providing the campus community with a “360 degree-view” of what’s happening at Georgetown.

The GU360 project is a multi-year effort that has involved partnering closely with many departments and individuals to discuss how GU360 can meet their needs.

GU360 is currently comprised of the following:

  • Hoya360. Student-focussed portal that enables students to engage with fellow students, faculty members, deans, academic advisors, and others both within and outside Georgetown. Hoya360 also enables faculty members, deans, and academic advisors to more fully engage with their students. 
  • GUFaculty360. Portal for faculty members to create profiles, share academic work and research with colleagues, 

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Google Cloud Platform
(Georgetown-Google Partnership)

This is a significant strategic partnership between Georgetown and Google that will provide Google technology services to the university. Georgetown is among the first (if not the first) higher education institution to enter into such an agreement with Google, who is new to the higher education environment. 

Google provide additional training (GCP, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence), products, services, engineering expertise, and a discount for using GCP (57% discount).

Among the goals of this partnership is to create a state-of-the-art, high-performance computing platform to advance cutting-edge research at Georgetown, enable Georgetown to be an innovator in the adoption of emerging and developing technologies such as machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI), and accelerate the university’s move to “the cloud” with such services as Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Georgetown University Website Redesign

UIS has been working with the university’s Office of Communications and Advancement to develop a redesign of Georgetown’s Web site template used by departments, colleges, and other university groups. The project also includes migrating university Web sites from the Drupal content management system to WordPress, with the goal of migrating approximately 300 sites to WordPress by the end of 2019.