Ordering and Purchasing

Desktops and Laptops

Computers and laptop computers are available for personal and institutional purchase. Dell and Apple computers are available for personal purchase at discounted prices. Departments participating in the university’s computer replacement cycle program can order computers when eligible in the cycle (approximately every 4 years) to get new computers. Click here for information about the Main Campus Computer Replacement Program. Click here to see the latest university-approved standard computers for the current fiscal year.


From the GU Software Webstore, many programs are available at reduced cost or free to eligible students, faculty, and staff members. Students can purchase discounted Microsoft products from the Microsoft Web Store.

Mobile Phones and Devices

Georgetown contracts with AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon Wireless to provide mobile phone and mobile data device services for faculty and staff business use. For personal purchases, faculty and staff are eligible for discounts, under personal accounts, from several carriers. Please contact the carrier for details.

Phone and Data Services

Office phones are available to all Georgetown employees; the phones come with both basic and advanced features. The Georgetown voicemail system enables employees to check their voicemail from any office or mobile phone.

Cable TV Services

Students, faculty, and staff members can order cable TV (where available) for their office or residence hall. Check the Georgetown RCN Web site for channel lineups and promotions.