Mobile Phones and Devices

Contact your Business Officer to purchase a mobile phone. When you receive your phone, you will need to enroll in the Georgetown Mobile Device Management (MDM) program. You will also need to complete the Employee Mobile Device Tax Compliance Form

Georgetown contracts with AT&TT-Mobile, Sprint, and Verizon Wireless to provide mobile phone and mobile data device services for faculty and staff business use. University Business Officers can order online through the carrier's Web site. Charges are automatically applied each month to the individual department cost center through the Financial Services office. For personal purchases, faculty and staff are eligible for discounts, under personal accounts, from several carriers. Please contact the carrier for details. 

Getting Started/Pricing

To order services, click on the link of the appropriate cell phone carrier.

Contract Services/Pricing Chart (Basic Bundle)


Basic Shared Voice Plan Text Msg Data Service Monthly Bundled Android iPhone
AT&T 400 unlimited unlimited $49.61 $0.99 $199.99
T-Mobile unlimited unlimited unlimited w/2GB
$12.75 See
Web site
Web site
Verizon 400 unlimited unlimited $49.35 $0.99 $199.99


International Pricing Plans

Note:  The international plans listed below can be applied to both personal and university-owned mobile devices.   



The benefits of using the Georgetown University Mobile Device Program are:

  • Take advantage of negotiated service plans and equipment discounts
  • Activation fees waived, and discounts on early termination fees
  • One- or two-year service plans
  • Automated billing process through the master account (no reimbursement or invoice payment hassles)
  • Dedicated business service support through each provider


Service Provider Support

Get support via the Web or over the phone through a dedicated business class service support team. Confirm you are on the Georgetown University enterprise account.

  • AT&T Business Customer Care 24/7: 1-800-331-0500
  • T-Mobile Corporate Customer Care: 1-800-375-1126
  • Verizon Wireless Customer Care 24/7: 1-800-922-0204 or *611


Service Center Support

For general questions regarding the Georgetown University mobile device program and to request assistance with a lost or stolen device, configurations for e-mail, calendar, or another application, contact the Service Center at 202-687-4949.


Lost or Stolen Devices

To report a lost or stolen device, first contact the service provider to request a suspension of the service, then follow up with the Service Center.


Returning Purchases

If you receive a damaged device, you can replace it through the 30-day warranty agreement. Contact the service provider for details.


Requesting Changes to Your Service Plan or Equipment

All service change requests or equipment upgrades must be approved by your department Business Officer and submitted by the departmental authorized purchaser directly to the carrier. If you do not know your department's Business Officer, you may contact the Service Center to determine the appropriate person.


Employee and Student Discounts