Departing Employees


When an employee joins the university, a number of accounts are automatically created. When the staff member with no other connections to Georgetown departs, most of those accounts are automatically closed. For former employees who are also alumni, students, or are transferring to another position within Georgetown, a different set of considerations are at play. 

The information on these pages covers common situations and gives advice on a number of issues your office should consider in advance of a staff member’s departure. 

Accounts and Applications to take into consideration.  This page offers guidance on Google Apps accounts, administrative NetIDs, computer files on Box and EFS drives, and departmental Web sites.

Considerations and Advice with regards to E-mail for those with additional affiliations.  Students and alumni normally retain access to some services. Get all the details related to the staff member leaving your office.

How do I extend e-mail access for a departing faculty or staff member?  Sometimes a person will no longer be paid, but they will continue to be involved in a project in your office for a significant length of time. Find out in what situations and how to do to extend their electronic services.

What if I need to gain access to an account after the person is gone?  It is important to recognize that neither UIS nor your local system administrators may give you access to files once the employee has left. Contact the Georgetown University Service Center at to go over your particular situation.

Requesting Access to an Employee’s Data

In order to request temporary administrative access to data owned by another individual or system, please complete the appropriate form: