Regular Staff (Accounts and Applications Considerations)

This page applies only to Employees who have no other continuing affiliation with the University. Most system access will end automatically, although a few require a separate action to close an account. 

Google Apps Accounts

Georgetown Google Apps accounts for faculty and staff members are closed immediately upon termination in GMS.

Administrative NetIDs

If the person leaving your office is the owner of any Admin NetIDs or Aliases, ownership should be transferred before the person leaves. This is done by completing the online Admin NetID Ownership Change Request form. The existing password will continue to work under the new owner. UIS strongly recommends changing passwords on all administrative accounts whenever a staff member or student worker leaves an office. If no one in the office remembers the old password, a reset can be requested on the Admin NetID Password Reset Request form.

Departmental Web Sites

Before the employee leaves, the Web developer should transfer the files to another owner or another server. UIS/Web Services is not responsible for files that may be lost when the account is deleted after the employee leaves the University. Developers can request that these files be transferred by logging into the Web User Accounts Web site and completing a Publishing Access Request.

Canvas, GMS

Administrative and employee access to these services will end when the person is terminated in the HR system.


A person who is an Alum/na or a continuing student will continue to be able to log into the student portion of MyAccess.