Considerations and Advice Regarding Google Apps

A person’s electronic access after their employment is ended can be affected by continuing affiliations. Understanding what will happen to the staff member’s Georgetown Google Apps account is helpful in planning for their departure. The staff member can call the Help Desk to confirm whether they have an affiliation that will continue beyond their employment.

When the employee is also a Georgetown alumnus/na
Alumni keep their Google Apps email accounts for life. That address will not become disabled once they terminate employment though they should stop appearing in the Google address book. The NetID password is not removed in these cases.

When the employee is a Georgetown Temp
Employees of the Hoya Staffing are not inactivated each time they complete an assignment. They remain active until another assignment comes up and may or may not be checking their Georgetown Google Apps accounts for messages related to a previous assignment.

When the employee is transferring to another Georgetown or GU Hospital department
The Google Apps account that the person used as a member of your department is the same one they will use in their new University department.

Advice with regards to Google Apps for those with additional affiliations

Create a vacation message
Since there are many cases in which the Google Apps account will remain active after an employee leaves your office, it may be advisable for that person to put a vacation message on his/her account indicating that s/he is no longer with your department and giving instructions on who to contact instead. This is especially true in the case of alumni, continuing students and Hoya Staffing employees. Two sample vacation messages are available for reference.

Reminder: Don’t share a personal NetID password. It is against University policy to share NetID password for any reason. With the options of the vacation message and folder sharing in place in advance of the employee’s departure, the department can make preparations and not miss any important correspondence