Get a NetID

NetIDs are automatically generated based on information in the University’s core business systems: GMS (human resources), Banner and Destiny (student systems), the Alumni database, the Sponsored University Associate (SUA) system and the MedStarGeorgetown HR system. To get a NetID, you must be active in at least one of those systems.


Your department’s administrative manager should submit paperwork. If they’ve submitted the necessary paperwork, you can check the Georgetown University online directory from campus each morning to see if your NetID has been created.



Alumni who never had a NetID can contact the Service Center to claim your NetID by going to


When a NetID is created for an Associate, the information is sent by email to the Associate’s email address in the SUA system. By default, Associates are not visible in the on-line directory.

Who do I contact if I need additional assistance or escalation with a NetID issue?

If you need help navigating the administrative process to get a NetID generated, please contact the Service Center by going to

The paperwork’s done. When will my NetID be created?

NetIDs are generated periodically through the day. You can find your NetID by checking the Georgetown University online directory.

How can I get electronic services now for faculty who won’t start for several months?

It may be possible for the faculty member to be entered in GMS prior to the beginning of their contract. Please contact your Dean’s office for assistance.

I have a contractor starting in my office. Can she get a NetID?

The Sponsored University Associate (SUA) system is the home for University contractors. Click here for information about services available to SUAs.