Services Available to Sponsored Associates (SUA)

A limited set of services is automatically made available for all Sponsored University Associates. Certain other services are available on a limited basis, and must be requested by the sponsoring department.

Automatic Services

NetID and GUID
Associates receive a NetID and GUID automatically. Notification of these is sent by email.

Georgetown GoogleApps email account
Associates can log into the GoogleApps account at

Services available by request on the SUA application form:

GOCard (Physical Card)

GOCard (Door Access)
No access is automatically assigned for any Associate. However, certain access configurations can be requested on the SUA request form.

VPN Access

Directory Visibility
Inclusion in the directory at

Note: These can be requested after the submission of the SUA application by an email to from the Associate's department.

Additional Services By Request

Library Access
The sponsoring department should contact the Library to establish access for the Associate. In the case of Dahlgren Memorial Health Sciences Library, an account request form is available online at