Troubleshooting SUA Issues

I don’t know who can enter my completed SUA form.
If you’ve checked with the administrative staff for your department without success, you can email to get the name of a Submitter who can process your paperwork.

The Associate’s paperwork has been processed but s/he still doesn’t have a NetID.
The likely cause is that one of the three email messages–to the Associate, the Sponsor, or the Attester–has not been acted upon.

  • Each individual should check their spam folder for a message from Georgetown with a header beginning ACTION REQUIRED.
  • The Associate’s email address may have been entered with a typo.

Send an email to for help in identifying the issue.

The Associate’s given name and surname were entered with a typo or switched at the point of entry. How do we get it fixed?
Send an email to to get it corrected.

My Associate has a NetID, but is unable

  • to pick up a GOCard
  • to use the VPN
  • doesn’t appear in the directory

These services are requested on the original SUA application form. The request(s) may be missing from the form or the submitter may have accidentally missed them. Send an email to to get it corrected.