Google Drive File Stream

Google Drive File Stream is an application that enables you to access your files and folders in Google Drive from your computer. Drive File Stream replaced the previous Google Drive desktop application. If you currently use your desktop computer to access Google Drive, you’ll need to install Drive File Stream.

This affects you only if you access Google Drive via folders on your desktop.


Drive File Stream allows you to:

  • Access your files through a folder on your computer
  • Organize your files without downloading them (access them “on demand”)
  • Open files in common applications like Microsoft Office
  • Make files available offline (the cached files will sync back to the cloud when you are online)

When you install Drive File Stream, you’ll see folders called My Drive and Team Drives in your Finder or Windows Explorer. You’ll also see “Google Drive ” on the left hand side of Finder or Explorer.

System Requirements

Installing Drive File Stream