Installing Google Drive for Desktop on Windows

  1. From Windows Explorer, delete the old Google Drive folder from your computer.
  2. If you haven’t already done so, log in to your Georgetown Google Apps account.
  3. From your Web browser, go to the Google Drive for Desktop home page.
  4. On the Google Drive Help page, click on Download for Windows.
    Click the Download for Windows button
  5. In the following pop-up window, click Save File. If you’re prompted to enter a location in which to save the installer file, titled googledrivefilestream.exe, save the file to your Desktop. (If you’re not prompted, the file may have been saved in your Downloads folder.)
    Click the Save File button
  6. Open Windows Explorer, navigate to your Downloads folder, and then double-click the installer file, googledrivefilestream.exe.
  7. Click Yes in the following security window.
    Click Yes in the security window
    You should see a window with a progress bar showing the download progress of the installer file.
    File Stream install progress bar
    The installation will then start, and you’ll see the following window:
    File Stream installing
  8. If prompted, enter your Mac user name and password:
    Enter your Mac password at the login prompt
    Once the installation is complete, you should see the following install confirmation window:
    Confirmation of successful installation of File Stream
    The Google Drive File Stream “Sign in” window will also be displayed.
  9. In the Google Drive for Desktop “Sign in” window, enter your Georgetown email address and then click Next. (Note In the example below, “” is entered as the email address.)
    Enter Georgetown email address in Drive File Stream sign in window
  10. In the login window, enter your NetID and password, and then click SIGN IN. (Note:  If you use Duo to authenticate to Georgetown applications, make sure to have your mobile device with you to approve the Duo authentication notification.)
    Enter NetID and password at Georgetown login prompt
    Google Drive for Desktop will open, and you should see the following window.
    Google Drive File Stream application opens
  11. In Google Drive for Desktop, click on the right-pointing arrow until you see Open Explorer. (Each window to which you navigate provides a feature of Google Drive for Desktop.)  Click OPEN EXPLORER.
    Click the Open Explorer button in Google Drive File Stream
    A Windows Explorer window opens, displaying your “My Drive” and “Team Drives” folders in Google Drive for Desktop.
    My Drive and Team Drives listed in Windows Explorer
    You’ll also see Google Drive for Desktop listed in your Windows Explorer Quick access area, as shown here.
    Google Drive File Stream listed in Quick access area of Windows Explorer