Logging in to GU Web Sites with Duo

If you are a supplier requesting assistance with a supplier portal password reset or multifactor authentication, please contact suppliercare@georgetown.edu.

The following steps are for logging in to your application using the “Duo Push” option, which is recommended by UIS. With Duo Push, Duo sends you a notification (sign-in request) to your mobile device; you just need to approve the request and you’ll be logged in to your application.  


  • Make sure to have your mobile device with you when you log in; you’ll need it to approve the login request that Duo will send to your device. Also, make sure your mobile device is connected to the Internet.
  • Make sure push notifications are turned on for the Duo Mobile app on your device.
  • If you replace your mobile phone and Duo was registered on that phone, you’ll need to reactivate Duo on your new phone.
  1. Go to the GU Web site (e.g., GU Google Apps, Box, GMS) you want to log in to.

    (Note:  If you are logging in to an application that doesn’t use the Georgetown standard login page, click here for instructions on how to log in to a legacy application using Georgetown Duo.) 

  2. At the login prompt, enter your NetID and password, and then click the appropriate button to log in. The Duo screen is displayed. 
  3. You should see the following screen telling you to check your mobile device for the Duo push notification. 
     Duo push notification screen.
    (Note: If you see another authentication method, such as Touch ID, you can switch to Duo Push by clicking the Other options link, and then selecting Duo Push from the options displayed.)
    Select the 'Duo Push' option.
  4. From your mobile device, perform the following:

    If you’re logged in to your device, tap Approve to approve the Duo push notification. If you’re not logged in to your device, first swipe on the request, then log in to your device, and then tap Approve in the Duo push notification screen.
    Duo push notification on your mobile device.

    Click the 'Approve' check mark to approve the Duo push notification.

    If you don’t see the login request, or if the request disappears from your device’s screen before you’ve had a chance to tap or swipe it, perform one the following:
    iPhone users: Swipe down from the top of your screen, and then swipe right on the login request.
    Android users: Swipe down to view the login request. Tap on the notification once you find it.

You’re now logged in to your application.