Reactivating a Device in Duo

If you are a supplier requesting assistance with a supplier portal password reset or multifactor authentication, please contact

If you obtain a new device, such as the latest model iPhone, that replaces another device you owned and that you previously registered to your Duo account, and if the new device has the same phone number as the older device, then you’ll need to register, or reactivate, the new device. You’ll need to register the new device so that that device can receive Duo push notifications.

Note: Before you perform the steps below, be sure to add a secondary device on your Duo account to reactivate your device. If you haven’t previously added a secondary device, you can click here for instructions on how to add a device to Duo, or you can contact the Georgetown University Service Center for assistance by going to

  1. Go to the Georgetown application you want to access (e.g., Google Apps, GU Box, GMS), and then enter your NetID and password at the login prompt.
  2. In the Duo screen, click on Settings and then click on the link My Settings & Devices
    Click 'My Settings & Devices'
  3. In the My Settings & Devices screen, select the secondary device you added to your Duo account.
  4. Go through the Duo authentication process using the secondary device to access your Duo settings.
  5. In the My Settings & Devices screen, click the gear-shaped icon next to the device you want to reactivate, and then click Reactivate Duo Mobile
    Click gear-shaped icon next to the phone to reactivate and then click 'Reactivate Duo Mobile'
  6. In the next screen, select the phone type for your new device, and then click Continue. (In the screen example below, “iPhone” is selected.)
    Select phone type and then click 'Continue'
  7. Install the Duo Mobile app on the new device by performing the following:
    1. Go to the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android). 
    2. Enter “duo mobile” in the search box, and then select duo mobile from the search results.
      Enter 'duo mobile' in the search box
    3. Tap the icon highlighted below to install Duo Mobile.
      Tap the down arrow icon to install the Duo Mobile app
    4. After Duo Mobile has installed, tap Open to open the app.
      Tap 'Open' to open the Duo Mobile app
    5. Tap Allow to allow notifications from the Duo Mobile app.
      (IMPORTANT Make sure you allow notifications. Otherwise, you will not receive authentication notifications from Duo and will not be able to log in to your applications.)
      Tap 'Allow' to allow Duo notifications
    6. In the next screen, tap the NEW ACCOUNT button.
      Tap 'New Account'
    7. In the next screen, tap OK to allow Duo to access your device’s camera.
      Tap 'OK' to allow Duo to access your device's camera

      Your device’s camera will open, which you’ll use to scan a bar code you’ll generate in the next step.
  8. From the Duo screen on your computer, click I have Duo Mobile. (You may need to scroll down to see I have Duo Mobile.)
    Click 'I have Duo Mobile'

    The following screen will be displayed.
    Duo QR code to be scanned
  9. Hold your device up to the bar code (as if you were taking a picture of it) so that your device’s camera can scan it. If Duo scanned the bar code successfully, you’ll see a check mark on the bar code, as shown in the example below.
     Check mark showing the Duo bar code was scanned successfully
  10. Scroll down until you see the Continue button, and then click Continue.
    Click 'Continue'
  11. In the “My Settings & Devices” screen, perform the following:
    1. Scroll down to view the current default device. Make sure your Default Device (the primary device you want to use for Duo authentication) is displayed and that the device’s phone number is correct. If you need to change the default, select your new device from the Default Device drop-down (to set it as the default device you’ll use to authenticate). 
    2. For ‘When I log in’, select the option Automatically send this device a Duo Push from the drop-down menu.
      Select 'Automatically send the device a Duo Push' from the drop-down
    3. Click Save to save your changes (the Save button will change to Saved), and then click Back to Login.
      Click 'Save' in the 'My Settings & Devices' screen to save any changes, then click 'Back to Login'
  12. Check your new device for a Duo login request. Tap on the request to access your application.