Reactivating a Device in Duo

If you obtained a new device, such as the latest model iPhone, that replaces another device you owned and that you registered in your Duo account, and if the new device has the same phone number as the older device, then you’ll need to register, or reactivate, the new device.

Note:  You’ll need to have added a secondary device to your Duo account to reactivate your device. If you haven’t previously added a secondary device, you can contact the Georgetown University Service Center for assistance by going to

  1. Go to the Georgetown application you want to access (e.g., Google Apps, GU Box, GMS), and then enter your NetID and password.
  2. In the Duo screen, click on Settings and then click on the link My Settings & Devices
    Select My Settings and Devices
  3. In the My Settings & Devices screen, select the secondary device you added to your Duo account.  
  4. Go through the Duo authentication process using the secondary device to access your Duo settings.
  5. In the My Settings & Devices screen, click the gear-shaped icon next to your device, and then click Reactivate Duo Mobile
    Select option to reactivate Duo Mobile
  6. Select the phone type for your new device, and then click Continue. (In the screen example below, “iPhone” is selected.)
    Select device type
  7. Install the Duo Mobile app. After you install the app, you should see the following screen on your device: 
    Duo authentication screen
  8. From the Duo screen on your computer, click I have Duo Mobile
    Select option 'I have Duo Mobile'
    Select option 'I have Duo Mobile'

    The following will be displayed:
    Scan bar code to activate Duo MobileScan bar code to activate Duo Mobile
  9. Tap on the plus sign icon from the screen on your device, and then hold your device up to the bar code (as if you were taking a picture of it) so that your device’s camera can scan the bar code. 

    If Duo scanned the bar code successfully, you’ll see a check mark on the bar code, as shown below. Click Continue. Your device should now be added to your Duo account. 
    Scan bar code to reactivate deviceScan bar code to reactivate device
  10. Select your new device from the Default Device drop-down (to set up it up as the default device you’ll use to authenticate), and then click Save
    Select device as default and click Save
  11. Click Back to Login.
    Click the 'Back to Login' button
  12. In the Duo authentication screen, click Send Me a Push. (Notice that your newly added device [“Personal iPhone” in the above example] is shown in the Default Device field.) Then go through the Duo authentication process to access the application.