Student Printing

Welcome to Student Printing!

We've added new printers and copiers (including color copiers) across campus, lowered printing costs, enhanced security (only your jobs display at the printer when you pick up [release] your print job(s) ).



Printing and Copying Rates

Here are the current rates for printing and copying on h.print devices.

  Single Sided (Simplex) Double Sided (Duplex)
Monochrome $.10 $.025 a side*
Color $.20 $.20 a side


*Note: Jobs with an uneven number of pages are reported by Windows and Macintosh, the last page is charged at the Simplex rate.

Ex: 1 page monochrome duplex job = $.10.
Ex: 2 page monochrome duplex job = $.05.
Ex: 3 page monochrome duplex job = $.15 (.05 for the double sided page and .10 for single sided page 3.)


Printing from a Public Computer

  1. Select the Print command in the program you're using. Allow the program to run through its normal printing procedure.  When prompted, enter your NetID. This is extremely important since only jobs matching your NetID display on release stations.
  2. Swipe your GOCard in the card reader located at the Pharos Print Station. This will allow you to choose the job you want to print. Click or tap on your print job, then click the Print button. 
  3. Your job will then print, charging your account. The total job cost will display when selected, so check to make sure the charges are correct before printing. If there are insufficient funds to print the job, the Pharos station will not allow the job to print. If this is the case, go to the nearest GOCard Value Transfer Station and add money to your Debit Dollars account (you can also go to to add money to your account). Your print job will remain in the print queue for approximately 2 hours, after which it will be deleted and you will have to send the job again.
  4. Click on the Logout button at the Pharos Print Station.

If you encounter a problem while printing, please use the telephone in the lab to contact the Service Desk or call the Georgetown Service Center at 202-687-4949 from your cell phone.

Note:  Printing in the UIS computer labs using a lab computer or your own requires the use of your GOCard to pay for all print jobs.


Printing from Your Laptop Computer

Pharos print stations are available in the Main and Medical Library as well as many academic buildings and residence halls.

Note:  The Library is now part of h.Print. This means you can release your print job from any of the more than 50 student print copiers and printers across campus.

Printing Basics
  • Printing to Pharos from your own computer is possible if you have Windows XP or later, or Mac OS 10.4 or later.
  • UIS lab printers are equipped with duplexers to allow 2-sided printing.
  • Two-sided printing is the default
  • UIS student labs use recycled paper
Automated Print Queue Installers

Choose your operating system below to have the monochrome and color queues installed on your computer automatically.   

You will need to run either the .exe (Windows) or .pkg (Mac) installer file to complete the installation.

Note:  If you are running Mac OS X 10.11 ["El Capitan"] on your Mac computer, click here for a troubleshooting resolution to Pharos installation.

Main Campus (Including the School of Continuing Studies)

Medical Center

For SNHS, you need to install additional queues

How to Print from Your Laptop Computer
  1. Make sure you've installed the h.Print Automated Print Queue Installer for your computer's operating system. 
  2. Make sure you're connected to either SaxaNet or Ethernet (wired connection). (Note:  You won't be able to print if you're connected to GuestNet.) 
  3. Choose either the monochrome or color printer when printing your document. 
  4. Very printing setting (duplex).
  5. Click Print
  6. When prompted, enter your NetID. (Note:  If you don't see the prompt for your NetID, make sure you're connected to SaxaNet or Ethernet.)  
  7. Proceed to the print station to release your print job. Click here for a list of printers

Eco-Friendly Printing

  • Since 2009, the UIS student labs and print stations on the Main Campus have been using recycled paper.
  • Duplex units are installed in all UIS student labs and print stations.
  • The best way to be eco-friendly is not to print at all. Ask your instructor to accept assignments through Blackboard, Georgetown Box, or Georgetown Google Apps.

Print Stations List and Features

Use your GOCard to release jobs at any of the following locations.

Please use the chart below to learn about the different device features at the student h.Print locations.

Building Location Residents Only Monochrome Color Print Copy Scan Email
640 Mass Ave* SCS Campus

(C2 Library)

  X X X X X X
640 Mass Ave* SCS Campus

(C2 Hallway)

  X X X X X X
Arrupe Hall Room 105   X   X      
Car Barn

2nd Floor Hallway Near Room 205

  X   X      
Car Barn Graduate Student Lab Room 410 Grad Students X   X      
Copley Hall Adjacent to guard station across from elevator (Old RHO) X X   X      

Dahlgren Library 

Lobby Copy Room*   X   X X X X

Dahlgren Library 

Lobby*   X X X      

Dahlgren Library 

BACC*   X X X      
Darnall Hall Mezzanine X X X        
Harbin Hall Lobby X X X        
Healy Hall Bioethics Library Room102   X   X X X X
ICC Room 218   X X        
ICC 1st Floor Hallway   X X X X X X
ICC 2nd Floor Hallway   X   X      
Lauinger Library  Lower Level (Woodstock)   X   X X X X

Lauinger Library 

1st Floor (Gelardin)*   X X X X X X

Lauinger Library 

2nd Floor*   X X X X X X

Lauinger Library 

3rd Floor*   X X X X X X

Lauinger Library 

4th Floor   X   X      

Lauinger Library 

5th Floor   X   X X X X
Leavey Center Sellinger Lounge 1st Floor   X X X X X X
LXR Hall Lounge X X   X      
McCarthy Hall Printer Room M-108 X X   X      
New South Residence Hall Lobby X X   X      
New South Healey Student Center Ground Floor East   X   X X X X
New South Healey Student Center Ground Floor West   X X X X X X
Old North McCourt School Room G-02   X   X      
Old North McCourt School 1st Floor Kitchen   X   X X X X
Reiss Science Blommer Library Room 302   X X X X X X
Reynolds Hall Printer Room R-148 X X   X      
St. Mary's Hall Service Desk Room G-39   X   X      
Village C East Lounge Room 200 X X   X      
Village C West  Lounge Room 500 X X   X      

*The SCS Campus is open 8AM to 11PM Weekdays, closes at 6PM Saturday, and is closed on Sundays.
*Dahlgren Library has 3 copiers and 4 printers in the Lobby and 3 printers in BACC.
*Lauinger Library has 4 devices on the 3rd floor, 2 on the second floor, and 2 on the first floor.
*Blommer has 2 color copiers.
*Healey Student Center has a device at both ends of the large hall.

Additional Printers (SNHS)

The following are not currently a part of the h.print program or are reserved for users of a specific school or program.

Location Queue Name Printer Type Drivers
Nursing and Health Studies (STM G-01)


Xerox B&W Printer

Xerox Global Print Driver for Windows


SNHS Manual Installation of Printers

Download the Xerox Driver. See the chart below to identify your printer.
Mac users should use the Generic Postscript Driver

Instructions for Printing to a Lab Printer

Here are detailed installation instructions for SNHS locations: 

Download: Xerox Global Print Driver for Windows


GOCard Deposit Stations

To add value to your GOCard Debit Dollars account, you may use a credit or debit card Online Here, or visit a Deposit Station at one of the following locations on the Main and Medical Campuses:

  • Dahlgren Memorial Library
  • Darnall Hall
  • Lauinger Libary, 3rd floor copy room
  • Lauinger Library, Gelardin Center
  • Leavey Center, near the Credit Union
  • O'Donovan Dining Hall
  • Pre-Clinical Science, Main Hall, by The BUZZ Coffee Bar
  • Walsh Building, next to the security desk
  • Online at


Guest Printing

  • Guests can purchase a Georgetown Guest card at a GOCard Deposit Station.
  • Guests must enter the last 5 digits of their card number when prompted for NetID during printing.


Credits for Misprinted Pages

The GOCard Office will provide refunds if:

  • The printer could not complete a job because of an inadequate paper supply, a jam, a mechanical failure, or a Pharos error.
  • The document text, because of low toner or cartridge failure, is faded to the point of illegibility.
  • The document is otherwise damaged or has illegible text.

To get a refund, send email to help@georgetown with the following information: 

  • Your first and last name
  • UID Number (9-digit number on the front of your GOCard)
  • Date and approximate time of the requested print issue
  • Number of misprinted pages

If your GOCard was debited but your document did not print, you can either contact the Georgetown Service Center at 202-687-4949 or visit the UIS Service Desk located in G-39 St. Mary’s Hall.


Getting Help