Scanning a Document on a GU PaperCut Printer

With PaperCut you can scan to your email, Box account, or Google Drive.  

1. Authenticate to the PaperCut-enabled Xerox copier/printer.

2. Choose PaperCut MF.

3. Select the destination. You can scan your document to your email as a PDF attachment or save it to your Box or Google Drive account.  

a. When you choose “Scan to My Email” it composes a message to your GU email.

b. When choosing Box or Drive, you’ll need to link your Box or Drive account to PaperCut. (You’ll only need to do this once.) Check your email account for an email with the link to complete the integration on first use.

4. Enter the parameters for the scan such as prompt for next page (only needed if using the scanner glass instead of the Automatic Document Feeder (adf). You can change the Email Subject, the Attachment Name, and more under “Change Settings.”

5. Be sure to press Log In/Out or touch your NetID to log out of the printer.

6. The first time you scan to Box or Google Drive, you will need to authorize PaperCut to save to your Box or Drive. Check for the email message, and then click on Login to authorize.

7. You can then access your scans from the cloud service in the Scans for PaperCut MF folder that was created when you provided authorization in the above step.