Before You Begin Using PaperCut

Before you can use the PaperCut service, make sure you have the following: 

  • WiFi connection to SaxaNet (if you’re on campus—you must be connected to SaxaNet to print)
  • Web browser (Chrome recommended)
  • Confirm login to your PaperCut account and settings
  • Mobile GOCard or NFC-enabled physical GOCard (to authenticate at the printer and print your document) (NoteIf you have a physical GOCard that isn’t NFC-enabled [printed prior to fall 2020], we recommend switching to a Mobile GOCard (if you’re eligible for a Mobile GOCard). You can switch to an NFC-enabled physical card by going to the UIS Service Desk.)
  • PIN (you can use the PIN to log in to the printer if you don’t have either Mobile GOCard or NFC-enabled physical GOCard)
  • PaperCut Mobility Print Client (to print from your mobile device or computer)