Printing at Georgetown with PaperCut

PaperCut is Georgetown’s print service. Please read the information below for how to get started and use the print service. 

Before You Begin

Click here for information on what you’ll need before you can use the PaperCut service.

Confirming Your PaperCut Account and Settings

Click here to view what you can do to confirm you can use PaperCut.

About the Printing Process

Click here to learn more about the process for printing a document in PaperCut.

Installing the PaperCut Mobility Print Client

Click here to find out how to install the PaperCut print client on your computer or mobile device.

Printing Your Document from a Chromebook

If you are using a Chromebook to print a document, you will need to either use the PaperCut Web portal or use the option to print via email.

Sending Your Document to the Print Queue

Click here to find out how to send your document to the print queue.

Viewing Your Print Jobs

Click here to find out how to view a list of the documents you’ve recently printed.

Releasing Your Document

Click here for instructions on how to release (print) your document at the printer.

Adding Money to Your Print Balance

Click here for details on how to add money to your GOCard

Requesting a Print Credit

Click here to find out how you can request a print credit if any of your print jobs don’t complete successfully.

PaperCut FAQ

Click here to view the PaperCut FAQ.


Click here to view the PaperCut Troubleshooting page.