Copying a Document on a PaperCut Printer

  1. Log in to the printer, either by tapping your Mobile GOCard or NFC-enabled (chip) physical GOCard on the card reader, or by following one of these alternate methods to log in to the printer.
  2. In the next screen, select Access Device.
    Select 'Access Device'.
  3. In the next screen, select Copy.
    Select the 'Copy' icon.

    Note: If you are in the PaperCut app, clicking on Service Home, Access Device, or Exit (the arrow on the top of the screen to the right of your name) will return you to the printer’s home screen.
  4. Choose your settings, and then press Start to begin the copy process.
  5. After you’ve completed copying, log out of the printer by tapping the card reader with your GOCard (Mobile GOCard or NFC-enabled (chip) physical GOCard, or tap the logout icon (The logout icon that you can select to log out of the printer.) at the top right-hand corner of the screen.