Print FAQ

  • What is PaperCut?
    PaperCut is Georgetown’s on-campus print service.
  • Who is eligible to use the PaperCut print service?
    All active Georgetown students, faculty, staff, and affiliates are eligible to use the PaperCut print service. 
  • How do I log in to the PaperCut Web portal?
    Click here to go to the PaperCut Web portal. At the prompt, log in with your NetID and password.

    (IMPORTANT:  Make sure you have your mobile device with you to accept the Duo authentication notification. Be sure to check your device for the Duo notification immediately after you click Log in, as this notification won’t appear on your computer.)
  • How do I send a document to print?
    To print a document, click here for instructions on how to send your document to the print queue.

    (IMPORTANT: To send a document to the print queue if you’re on campus, you must first be connected to SaxaNet, Georgetown’s secure WiFi network.)

    Once your document is in the print queue, you’ll be able to print out (“release”) the document on a PaperCut printer.
  • Will employees (faculty, staff, and student employees) be charged for work-related print jobs?
    No. Faculty and staff might see charges for their print jobs, but those charges will be paid for at the campus level. Students, however, will be charged for their print jobs, unless they are printing as a student employee and have selected (at the printer when they release their print job) the department they’re working for.
  • Can I send a document to print from off campus?
    Yes, you can send a document to print from off campus. However, to print off campus, you must be logged in the Georgetown VPN. Alternatively, you can use the email to print option.
  • What file types can I currently print?
    At this time, you can only print PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and image files (bmp, dip, jfif, jif, jpe, jpeg, png, tif, tiff) if you’re using the PaperCut Web portal or email-to-print from any device. However, if you’re printing a document using the PaperCut Mobility Print Client from a Mac or Windows computer, you’ll be able to print additional document file types (from any application that supports a print option).
  • Can I select whether I print my document double-sided or single-sided?
    Yes you can. Double-sided is the default; however, you can change this to single-sided at the printer.
  • What’s the best print method(s) to use for my device?
    For our recommendations on the best print method for your device, see the table below.
If you want to print from this deviceWe recommend this print method
Personal Mac or Windows computerPrint Mobility Client, Email
Personal ChromebookPaperCut Web portal, Email
Shared computer (e.g., lab computer, libraries computer/kiosk)Web portal, Email
Mobile devicePrint Mobility Client, Email