Requesting a Print Credit

Students can request a print credit if any print jobs don’t complete successfully. To submit a request for a print credit, perform the following: 

  1. Log in to the PaperCut Web portal with your NetID and password. (IMPORTANT:  Make sure you have your mobile device with you to accept the Duo authentication notification. Be sure to check your device for the Duo notification immediately after you click Log in, as this notification won’t appear on your computer.)
  2. Click on Recent Print Jobs, located on the left-hand side of the page. 
  3. Locate the listing of the print job for which you want to submit your request, and then click the request refund link for that print job.

In the “Refund Request” screen, select Full Amount or Partial Amount, enter a reason for your request, and then click Send. You should receive an email notification that your request was approved and your account credited.