Hosting a Zoom Meeting

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Schedule a Meeting and Invite Participants
Start Your Scheduled Meeting as a Host
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What are the Host Meeting Controls?

Host meeting options

Host Meeting Control Description

unmute mute

Unmute / Mute My Microphone. Just click the icon to toggle between Mute and Unmute. 

 adjust audio settings

(Click "up arrow" to the right of mute/unmute button) Opens the Audio Settings window to test & adjust your microphone settings.

start videostop video

Turn Webcam on / off.  Just click the icon to toggle between strating video and stopping video. 

adjust video settings

(Click the "up arrow" to the right of start/stop video button) Opens the Video Settings window to test & adjust your webcam settings..


Enables you to invite people to your meeting

Host manage participants

Here you will find the options for managing your meeting participants. For example, adjusting the global meeting settings (mute/unmute all participants, lock meeting, lock screensharing, play enter/exit chime, etc.); and individual participant settings  (start private chat, rename participant, putting participant on-hold, turning off participant video, and designate a host for your meeting). 

share screen

This option enables you to share your entire desktop or any window/application on your computer. You can also select to allow multiple screens to be shared Simultaneously


Enables you to initiate a chat session with meeting participants. 


This option enables you to record your meeting. The recording will be saved to a file that you can share with meeting participants or others as well. 

Host End Meeting

Ends the meeting for the host and all participants; or the host can elect to leave and allow the meeting to continue, which will pass the host controls to a random participant; or the host can designate a participant to be the new host before leaving the meeting.