Zoom FAQ


What is Zoom and what can it do?

Zoom is a web conferencing tool that provides a platform to conduct live online conferences, presentations, lectures, meetings and group chats. Zoom allows you to share your audio, video, and screen with people from around the world.

Zoom combines cloud video conferencing, group messaging, and collaboration tools such as screen sharing, co-annotation, and remote control.

Zoom runs across Mac, PC, Linux, iOS, Android, and H.323 systems; and is the only video conferencing solution that lets you share your mobile screen and share video with audio.

For what types of meetings can Zoom be used?

You can use Zoom for webinars, classes, training workshops, group collaborations, work meetings.

Is there a cost for using Zoom at Georgetown?

There is no cost to use Zoom at Georgetown for meetings with less than 300 people.

Who can use Zoom at Georgetown?

All current Georgetown faculty, staff, and students can use Zoom to host meetings.  

Can I invite non-Georgetown people to join a meeting?

Yes, participants do not need a NetID to join a Zoom meeting. Only the host of the meeting needs to have a Georgetown Zoom account.

How many participants can join a Zoom meeting?

Each Zoom meeting at Georgetown can hold 300 people (including the host).

Can I use Zoom for large meetings and webinars (more than 300 people)?

It is possible, but there may be costs associated with these meetings. Please contact zoom@georgetown.edu for more details.

Can I access Zoom through Canvas?

Yes! Click here for instructions on using Zoom in your Canvas course

How do I access the official Zoom Support site?

Click the link to access the official Zoom Support Center

What are the known issues with Zoom?

Click the link to access the official Known Zoom Issues list.

Best Practices

Getting Started

How do I get Zoom so I can host my own meetings?

Just click here for instructions on how to install Zoom

What do I need to use Zoom?

You may need audio/video equipment. You should also review the system requirements for using Zoom.


How do I schedule a meeting?

​Click for instructions on how to schedule a meeting.

Are there any restrictions to scheduling a meeting?

Non-recurring meetings are active upon creation, and will expire 30 days after the scheduled meeting date. Recurring meetings can be reused; however, recurring meetings that are not used for 365 days will expire.

Can I join a meeting from a video teleconference room?

Yes. Click here for instructions on how to pair an H323 (video Polycom unit) to an existing Zoom meeting

How do I join a meeting from my PC or Mac?

Click for instructions on how to join a Zoom meeting

Can I join a meeting with my mobile device?

Yes. Click for instructions on how to join a Zoom meeting from your mobile device.  

How can I have someone hold a meeting on my behalf (designate someone else to be meeting host)?

Click for instructions on how to assign someone to schedule meetings on your behalf. (Note: You can sign in to your Georgetown Zoom profile by going to georgetown.zoom.us.)

Can I share a document during a Zoom meeting?

Yes. Click for instructions on how to share your screen during a Zoom meeting.

Where can I host my Zoom meeting?

You can host your Zoom meeting anywhere you have a mobile device or computer, and an Internet connection.

Can I record a Zoom meeting?

Yes. Click here to find out how to record your Zoom meeting.  

Can I turn off my video before or during a meeting?

Yes. To turn your camera on or off during a Zoom meeting, click the Start Video / Stop Video button.