Zoom Webinar

Zoom Webinar is a premium service that is not included with the meeting licenses we have for all faculty, staff, and students.

Webinars are generally used to host large meetings and publicly advertised events where the meeting link is shared with others outside of Georgetown (e.g. twitter, facebook, website, etc.). Zoom Webinars are “view-only” meetings where attendees enter the meeting in listen-only mode and do not interact with one another by default. They can only see the host’s video and screen share. Hosts can control who sees attendee chat submissions and use Q&A and polling features which allow hosts to manage and share attendee input after previewing it to make sure it’s acceptable.

A Zoom Webinar license is priced according to the maximum number of seats available. If you will have regular need for a webinar license, you can purchase one. To receive pricing information and to proceed with purchasing a webinar license email: zoom@georgetown.edu

UIS maintains a webinar license that can be lent out on a first-come basis for one-off or rare use by departments. This is a good way to try out Zoom webinar if you’re thinking about purchasing a license. In these cases, UIS handles the Webinar setup based on information from you, and you would need to schedule around previously booked sessions.

Check out these useful Zoom Webinar resources as you make a decision about whether a Webinar is the right choice for your event: