Requiring Authentication for a Zoom Meeting

By default, anyone can join Georgetown Zoom Meetings. Hosts can add a greater level of meeting security by restricting meeting access to only Georgetown participants.

Enabling the meeting option “Only authenticated users can join,” and then selecting “ Zoom accounts only” will prevent people from outside of Georgetown from joining the meeting. Only those with active Georgetown NetIDs and the meeting link will be allowed to join.

This meeting option can be found in the “Advanced Options” section when scheduling a meeting, or in the “Meeting Options” when editing the meeting details after scheduling.

Advanced options:
select option in client

Meeting options:
meeting options web

Georgetown participants will be required to sign in to the Zoom App prior to joining the meeting.

This meeting option WILL PREVENT people from joining a Georgetown Zoom Meeting who 1) do not have a NetID (or active NetID); and 2) have not signed into Zoom with their NetID.

Things to note:

  • This option can only be set on a per meeting basis.
  • Non-authenticated participants (those who don’t have a Georgetown Zoom account) will not be able to access the meeting, and will see this screen when attempting to join:
    • If they are not signed into Zoom:
      not signed into Zoom
    • If they are signed into Zoom, but not using their NetID:
      Not signed into Zoom using NetID