Setting up Georgetown Duo

In the following steps, you will log in to your Georgetown Google Apps account (after having enrolled in Georgetown Duo), install the Duo Mobile app on your device, and set up Duo to recognize your device in order to send it login requests each time you log in to a Georgetown Web site. 

If you are a supplier requesting assistance with a supplier portal password reset or multifactor authentication, please contact


  • UIS recommends using the Duo Mobile App on a smartphone as the easiest way to use Duo.
  • If you replace your mobile phone and Duo was registered on that phone, you’ll need to reactivate Duo on your new phone.
  • Make sure you first enroll in Georgetown Duo before performing the steps below.
  1. Install the Duo Mobile app on your device by performing the following:
    1. Go the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android). 
    2. Enter “duo mobile” in the search box, and then select duo mobile from the search results.
      Enter 'duo mobile' in the search box
    3. Tap the icon highlighted below to install Duo Mobile.
      Tap the down arrow icon to install the Duo Mobile app
    4. After Duo Mobile has installed, tap Open to open the app.
      Tap 'Open' to open the Duo Mobile app
    5. If prompted, tap Allow to allow notifications from the Duo Mobile app. (If you aren’t prompted to allow notifications, you can do this in Settings for your device.)
      (IMPORTANT Make sure you allow notifications for your device. Otherwise, you won’t receive the Duo login requests and, therefore, won’t be able to log in to your applications.)
      Tap 'Allow' to allow Duo notifications
    6. In the next screen, tap Use a QR Code or Use activation code (iPhone) or GET STARTED (Android).
      Tap 'Use a QR Code' or 'Use activation code'
    7. In the next screen, tap OK (iPhone) or Allow (Android) to allow Duo to access your device’s camera.
      Tap 'OK' to allow Duo to access your device's camera
  2. Go to the Georgetown Google Apps page, click Log In to Georgetown Google Apps, and then enter your NetID and NetID password at the prompt to log in to your Georgetown Google Apps account.
  3. Click Start setup in the following screen: 
    Click 'Start setup'
  4. In the “Add a new device” screen, select Mobile phone and then click Continue. (You may need to scroll down to see the Continue button.)
    Select 'Mobile phone' Click 'Continue'
  5. In the next screen, enter the phone number of the device you want to register for Georgetown Duo, click on the check box next to You entered ____. Is this the correct number? so that a check mark appears, and then click Continue.
    Enter the phone number of the device you're adding to Duo
  6. In the next screen, select the type of device you are registering, and then click Continue. (In the example below, iPhone is selected.)
    Select your device type and then click 'Continue'
  7. Go back to the Web site and click on I have Duo Mobile.
    The 'Install Duo for iOS' screen The 'Install Duo for iOS' screen
    The following screen is displayed.
    QR code to activate Duo
  8. Hold your device up to the bar code (as if you were taking a picture of it) so that your device’s camera can scan it. If Duo scanned the bar code successfully, you’ll see a check mark on the bar code, as shown in the example below.
    Check mark showing successful QR code scan by device
  9. Scroll down until you see the Continue button, and then click Continue.
    Click 'Continue'
  10. In the “My Settings & Devices” screen, perform the following:
    1. Make sure your Default Device (the primary device you want to use for Duo authentication) is displayed and that the device’s phone number is correct. 
    2. For ‘When I log in’, select the option Automatically send this device a Duo Push from the drop-down menu.
      Select 'Automatically send the device a Duo Push' from the drop-down
    3. Click Save (the text will change to Saved), and then click Continue to Login.
      Click 'Save' and then click 'Continue to Login'
      You should see the following screen with the message (see highlighted text at the bottom of the screen) that Duo has sent a login request to your device.
      Duo message that login request was pushed out
  11. Check your device for a Duo login request. You should see the following message text on your device:
    Duo login request message on your device.
  12. Tap on the Duo login request message. You should then see a message that your login request was successful and that you’re now enrolled in Duo.

You’ve successfully set up Duo on your device so that the Duo Mobile app is linked to your account. 

Important  UIS strongly recommends you add/register more than one device to your Georgetown Duo account. By having more than one device registered, you will still be able to log in to your applications (by switching to that device during the Duo authentication process), even if you forget, damage, or lose the device, such as your mobile phone, you use regularly to log in. You can register a mobile phone, tablet, and even the phone of a trusted friend. (A trusted friend is a person you can reach out to if you ever need help getting into your Georgetown account [e.g., you forget your mobile device and can’t get into your Georgetown Google Apps account]. Note The trusted friend must also be enrolled in Georgetown Duo before you can add that person’s device.)