New Staff

Welcome to Georgetown! Below are technology resources you need now to help you hit the ground running.

Zoom Web Conferencing

> Download and install Zoom on your computer and mobile device before you need to join a meeting.

> Make sure you can sign in to Zoom on your devices.

> Review your Zoom meeting settings (background, audio, video, etc.).

> Review how Zoom meeting controls work.

> Review how to join a Zoom meeting.

> Review how to schedule and host a Zoom meeting.


> Pick up your GOCard (if you’re getting a physical GOCard).

> Set up Mobile GOCard on your iOS or Android device (if you’re eligible to get Mobile GOCard).

> Add money to your GOCard.

> Make sure you can access your classrooms, lab, or other assigned secured locations.


> Set up printing on your computer and mobile device (for when you’re on campus and need to print).

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Additional (HR-Related) Tasks

> Confirm your listing and your information in the Georgetown Directory.

> Complete your Employment Eligibility Verification (I-9) Form.

> Complete all new employee tasks in GMS, Georgetown’s HR, payroll, and benefits system. (Click the First Day Checklist tab on the HR New Employees page to view the GMS tasks)

More Technology Services