New Faculty

Welcome to Georgetown! Below are new faculty technology resources you need now to help you hit the ground running.

Zoom Web Conferencing

> Download and install Zoom on your computer and mobile device before you need to join a meeting.

> Make sure you can sign in to Zoom on your devices.

> Review your Zoom meeting settings (background, audio, video, etc.).

> Review how Zoom meeting controls work.

> Review how to join a Zoom meeting.

> Review how to schedule and host a Zoom meeting.


(Student information system)

> Review course schedules.

> View class rosters.


(GU faculty academic profiles portal)

> Manage your faculty profile.


> Set up Mobile GOCard on your iOS or Android device.

> Add money to your GOCard.

> Make sure you can access your classrooms, lab, or other assigned secured locations.

Classroom Technology

> Sign up for classroom technology training. (Note: Only available in August and the beginning of the fall semester).

> Review support hours for CETS (Classroom Educational Technology Services)


> Set up printing on your computer and mobile device (for when you’re on campus and need to print).

More Technology Services