Faculty Technology Resources

This page lists technology-related resources for Main Campus and Medical Center faculty members. Click here for technology resources specific to Medical Center faculty members

How do I …

Use Online Teaching Tools

Request High Performance and Advanced Computing Resources

Connect to the Internet and GU Services

Collaborate with Colleagues

Manage Academic Profile and Publications

  • Manage my faculty profile or delegate access. Support documentation for GUFaculty360 is accessible from the GU360 website.
  • Request assistance with my faculty profile in GUFaculty360. (To request assistance, send email to gu360help@georgetown.edu.)

Order GU Services, Hardware, and Software

Tools for Teaching Remotely

  • Panopto (Lecture Capture software used for recording and publishing lectures to Canvas)
  • Zoom (Web Conferencing tool that enables you to remotely hold meetings with students and colleagues. Participants can connect with a desktop or laptop computer, or with an iOS or Android mobile device.) 
  • Instructional Continuity Tools (List of online teaching tools to connect with students and continue coursework when campus is closed)


Login Pages

Training Workshops

Other Resources

Getting Help

Resources to help you find out more about a service, or get help for an urgent computing-related problem.