Research Technologies

Above picture from our new series, "Discussions With Our Researchers," where we learn about the science we support firsthand from our prominent scientists.

The Research Technologies team are advocates for the research community. We help Georgetown's research community - on both Main and Medical Center campuses - implement strategies and projects in a number of areas including: research collaboration, grants and contracts, advanced research computing, research regulatory and compliance administrative systems, virtual servers, AWS compute and storage storage. We help researchers coordinate with appropriate UIS departments for optimal delivery of services tailored to individual research requirements, with a clear point of contact for all research technology needs.

For help please contact us directly by email at or contact the UIS Account Management team.

Examples of services and current projects include:

Software for Research Grants and Projects Support

Regulatory Compliance Systems

  Custom Scientific Instrumentation and Device Support:

  • Provide custom scientific instrumentation fabrication and support not available in the marketplace, e.g., RT Zappleinstrument instruments and support for Dr. Mark Burns’ grant: “The Role of apoE and APOE Genotype in Amyloid-beta Clearance After TBI.”
  • Senior Electronics Engineer for the Department of Chemistry, including novel fabrication of advanced instrumentation, and oversight, repair, and maintenance of Chemistry workstation PCs and equipment.
  • Key personnel for Dr. Marc Burns new Neuroscience R-01 NIH grant and for Shock, Trauma, and Anesthesiology Research Lab at University of Maryland.

Core Infrastructure for Researchers

  • Support for AWS storage and compute initiatives: Help define the research community's needs and monitor the progress of lnew cloud servicesst. Work with Principal Investigators and departments to navigate  UIS research services and help articulate technical specifications and costs for proposals