Network Storage

UIS offers a variety of network storage solutions to fit the needs of our community, including BOX,  Google Drive, and Amazon Web Services.

For more information or to request a storage account please contact the Account Management team or Research Technologies at

Storage Use Cases at GU:

Dear UIS

SVicini With this email I want to express my sincere appreciation for the opportunity to use the access to remote data storage. I coordinate a group of investigators that use electrophysiological recordings to study the function and dysfunction of neurons in the central nervous system and the possibility to achieve a safe and permanent data storage is of great value to our research. In addition the remote location provides a one stop place where everyone in our team knows where the critical data we are using to write papers and grant proposal can be found.  This facilitates very much supervision of graduate students and postdoctoral fellow and the collaboration between my team and that of other collaborators on campus that are located in different buildings.

Best Regards

Stefano Vicini, PhD, Department of Pharmacology & Physiology, Georgetown University Medical Center

Dear UIS

Habtom_pic The Genomics and Epigenomics Shared Resource (GESR) at Georgetown Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center routinely uses 5 TB storage space offered by UIS to store genomic and epigenomic data. In particular, this storage has been useful to share next generation sequencing (NGS) and microarray data among the GESR staff. 

The Ressom Laboratory also uses additional 5 TB storage space provided by the UIS to store mass spectrometric data from proteomic, glycomic, and metabolomic studies. The software provided with the storage space allows seamless data sharing among lab members and collaborators.

Overall observation:  The storage is functioning very well. Since the data are regularly backed up, it gives peace of mind for the users.

Suggestion:  (1) Increase the storage capacity and speed to handle upcoming NGS data. (2) Extend accessibility to IP addresses outside GU.

Best,  Habtom Ressom, PhD, Associate Professor, Population Sciences, Georgetown University Medical Center