Staff Technology Resources

Note: The information and instructions on this page are intended for Main Campus and Medical Center employees. University Associates and their Sponsors should refer to the information for associates and information for sponsors pages.

NetID Password

Please contact the Georgetown University Service Center by going to for information on getting your initial password.

Enroll in the NetID Password Management System

Password Station, Georgetown’s online password management system, offers self-service password resets to every member of the Georgetown community. To use the service, you must first enroll in Password Station. You will select security questions when you know your password. Once enrolled, you will have the flexibility to reset your NetID password any time you forget it, or if it expires.

If you’re new to Georgetown, go to the Password Station portal page to create a permanent password. Be sure to create a permanent password before you try to log in to the computer you will be using for work.

E-mail and Calendar

Georgetown Google Apps accounts for employees (those paid through University Payroll) are automatically created with the routing set. You can log in to Georgetown Google Mail to read your email from your computer.

Faculty and Staff:  You have the option to use a “firstname.lastname” email address in addition to, or instead of, your NetID email address. To claim your first name.last name email: 

  1. Ensure that your Preferred Name in GMS appears as you want your email address to be.
  2. Go to the email address claim page to claim your email address. 

Update Your Telephone Display

To make changes to your telephone display, complete the Requesting Phone, Voicemail, and Data Services form.

Review Your Contact Information

Go to the Georgetown Directory page to review your directory listing. If information is missing or incorrect, the HR Contact for your department can make changes to your title, phone extension, and office location.

Claim your firstname.lastname E-mail Address (optional)

After ensuring that your Preferred Name in GMS appears as you want your e-mail address to appear, go to the email address claim page to claim your e-mail address.

Other Accounts

Access to Canvas and MyAccess, based on Banner and HR information, are set up automatically. Other services like Banner, Cognos, GMS, web space, and PeopleSoft Admissions require additional authorizations.

Get a GOCard

The GOCard is the official identification card at Georgetown University. Your GOCard is the primary means for gaining access to some buildings and services, and it has a debit feature for purchasing many goods and services around campus. See the GOCard Web site for more information.

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