Sponsor Information

Note that these instructions are intended for the Sponsors of Main Campus and Medical Center Associates. Information for Associates is available on the associates page.

1. E-mail

For most Associates, routing messages through an @georgetown.edu address to a non-Georgetown mailbox is sufficient.

Since there are a limited number of GUMail accounts available for Associates, all requests are reviewed for necessity. A GUMail account can be requested for an Associate if any of these conditions are met:

1) there is a significant business need and routing will not suffice

2) there is proof that an Associate will handle confidential data

3) an employee's status is changing from staff/faculty to Associate in a capacity where routing alone is not sufficient.

If the Associate has a demonstrated critical business need for GUMail, you, as the Sponsor, can request a GUMail account by completing the GUMail Account Request form. Note that this request form mus be completed by the Sponsor. Please allow 5-7 business days for the GUMail account to be provisioned and activated from the time you are contacted with additional instructions.

2. Enterprise VPN Service

Sponsors may request VPN access on behalf of the Associate. Such requests must be based on valid business requirements. The request may be made when the initial Sponsored University Associate request data are submitted, or you may contact the Help Desk, x74949, help@georgetown.edu.

3. GUShare

Departments wanting GUShare access for Associates must pay for space or request a free no-space account (which grants access to the department's share) using the GUShare Storage Space form.