ShareStream Media Manager

Primarily used as an interface for faculty to organize ShareStream media files and folders, copy media, and upload new media files. Can also be used for media playback.

We recommend you enable ShareStream Media Manager in your Canvas Course Menu first.

Access to the Media Manager can be obtained through either Canvas or the ShareStream Server (for use and access outside of Canvas).

Copy Media

ShareStream’s Media Manager Copy Wizard allows Instructors and administrators to copy media from preexisting ShareStream Course Folders into new ShareStream Course Folders in Canvas.

The Course Media Copy Wizard launches automatically whenever ShareStream Media Manager is accessed from a course in Canvas that does not already contain ShareStream media files.

Note: You will not be able to return to the Copy Wizard after you have uploaded new media or copied files into a ShareStream Course Folder.

  1. Enable Media Manager in Canvas (if you haven’t already).
  2. Click on ShareStream – MediaManager in the course menu.
  3. The Course Media Copy Wizard will automatically appear only if the ShareStream Course Folder is empty. Click Yes to use the Course Media Copy Wizard.
  4. In the search field, enter in the course name or course ID you wish to copy media files from.
  5. Confirm the course name and ID, and then click the proceed button.
  6. Media Manger will load and your copied files will appear.

Upload Media

The ShareStream Media Manager Uploader allows Instructors and administrators to upload new media files and organize them into folders.

  1. Enable Media Manager in Canvas (if you haven’t already).
  2. Click on ShareStream – MediaManager in course menu.
  3. Then, click the Uploader button located under the Administration tool bar on the left. A new browser window or tab will open the uploader.
  4. Click the button that reads “SELECT FILES TO UPLOAD OR DRAG AND DROP” and choose the file(s) you would like to upload from the file chooser window; or alternatively, drag and drop file(s) onto the “SELECT FILES TO UPLOAD OR DRAG AND DROP” button.
  5. After you have selected (or drag-and-dropped) the file(s), ShareStream will start the upload and transcoding process.
    Note: For video files, select whether you’d like to have ShareStream automatically generate closed captions; this can be elected at a later date too. See the ShareStream Closed Captions page for more details.
  6. Enter a name and/or description of the upload file (optional).
  7. Once the file(s) has been processed, you will need to publish the media file(s) before students can view them. Click the Publish Asset button.
  8. From the Publish window, select the destination folder, and then click the Publish Assets button.
  9. To access a file you have published, navigate back to Canvas course where you launched the Uploader tool. The title and thumbnail of the file will appear in the MediaManger tool.