ShareStream Closed Captions

ShareStream’s closed-captioning service generates reliable Automated Speech Recognition captioning for video and audio content that’s ingested into the ShareStream Platform. Currently supported languages:  English

Things to note:

  • For files that already contain captions, ShareStream will use the preexisting caption file and notify the user during upload process with a message that reads “This file was not sent for captioning, as ShareStream extracted embedded captions from the file’s metadata.”

Generating Captions During Media Upload

If you haven’t already, enable ShareStream Pick-n-Play in your Canvas course.

  1. Launch ShareStream Pick-n-Play and select the Upload Button
  2. Select the media file or batch of files for upload by either dragging and dropping the file(s) into the uploader, or selecting the upload button and selecting the files from your hard drive.
  3. Before the file upload begins, you will be presented with a caption window.
  4. If you would like to generate captions for all files, select checkbox next to Select All
    1. Alternatively: If uploading a batch of files, you have the option of selecting specific files for captioning. Select the individual checkbox next to the file for which you wish to generate captions.
  5. Select Generate Captions to generate captions for the selected files during upload.
  6. Next, the Uploader window will present users with the option to edit the file metadata, select thumbnails, and observe the file upload and transcoding progress.
  7. Files sent for captioning will contain a message in the window which reads “This file has been sent for captioning.” When captions for the file are available, a “(CC)” indicator will appear in the media’s playback window.

Click here for more information about uploading media and playback using ShareStream Pick-n-Play.

Generating Captions for Preexisting Media

If you haven’t already, enable ShareStream Pick-n-Play in your Canvas course.

  1. Select a media asset from Pick-n-Play to access its playback page:
  2. Select Generate Captions in the lower right hand corner.
  3. The Generate Captions button is replaced with the message, “Sent for captioning. Generating Captions…”
  4. Once Captions are available, the message, Closed Captions Available appears and the captions can be turned on in the video player.

Download, Edit, and Upload Captions

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