Add DVD Content to ShareStream

While the University’s Library Reserve services are closed, faculty can add content from DVDs they own to ShareStream. This can be achieved by using a third-party video transcoder tool, such as Handbrake, to convert videos and DVDs from supported source formats to MP4, a format acceptable by ShareStream.

  1. Download the latest version of HandBrake open source video transcoder onto your computer (Mac, Windows, and Linux).
  2. Install Handbrake on your computer (installation instructions).
  3. Insert a DVD into your computer’s DVD drive.
  4. Launch Handbrake (see the Quick Start guide provided by Handbrake).
  5. Click the “Open Source” icon in Handbrake in order to navigate to the DVD.
  6. Select the DVD and click on “Open.” Handbrake will start scanning the DVD content.
  7. Select the “Title.”
  8. Select a “Preset” option from the list under “General” (e.g. Fast or HQ 720p30). Alternatively, you can customize your options by going through the tabs (Summary; Dimensions; Filters; Video; Audio; Subtitles; Chapters):
    • Summary: Under “Format” select MP4 File
    • Place checkmark next to “Web Optimized”
    • Place checkmark next to “iPod 5G Support”
    • Dimensions: always place checkmark next to “Keep Aspect Ratio”
    • Video: Video Encoder should be H.264 or H.265 codec
    • Framerate (FPS): select “Same as source”
    • Quality: Constant Quality RF 20 or 25
    • If the resultant file size is too large, change Quality to “Average Bitrate (kbps)” to 2500 or 3000.
    • Audio: for Codec, select “AAC (CoreAudio)
    • Mixdown: Dolby Surround (or Stereo)
    • Bitrate: 320 or 256
    • Subtitles:
    • Chapters: deselect the checkmark next to “Create chapter markers”
    • Please make sure that the export file is not larger than 8 GB
  9. Select or take note of the destination for the file in “Save As” “filename.m4v” and “To” fields at the button of the Handbrake window, since the provided file name will be saved at the indicated location (if you wish, you can change the “To” location by clicking on the “Browse” button).
  10. Click on the “Start” button at the top of the Handbrake window to start the encoding process. This can be a lengthy process depending on the duration of the DVD content.
  11. At the end of the encoding process the resulting .MP4 file will be found in the folder that was identified in the “To” field. Navigate to the folder and play back the .MP4 file to ensure that the file functions as expected.
  12. Proceed to upload the new file onto ShareStream using either the