Alumni NetID FAQs

Note: The information and instructions on these pages are intended for Alumni of Georgetown University.

I'm not sure if I know my password.
To test the password you are using, you can try logging into the Alumni directory. If you are unable to log into the directory, you are likely using a character string that is not your NetID password.

Why has the password I've always used stopped working?
At the end of June 2014, NetID passwords that had not been changed in the previous six months were expired to enhance security. The original notice is posted here.

Why must I send a government-issued ID?
We rely on the issuing agency---usually your local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) or the State Department---to have performed checks to ensure that the ID is issued appropriately. A personal snapshot or the photo from an ID card without the accompanying text cannot be used to establish identity.

Why must my NetID password be so complicated?
Georgetown has a single complexity standard regardless of a person's affiliation with the University. Using their NetID and password, faculty members post grades, students register for courses and submit academic work, and employees check their payroll and benefits information. Some of the activities in which Alumni engage are arguably less sensitive, but no mechanism exists to vary the requirements.