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ShareStream is a video streaming platform that faculty can use to create and add video content in courses, and share that video content with their students or make it public.


  • Unlimited storage
  • Integrated into Canvas (can use ShareStream from within Canvas)
  • Upload Zoom and other recordings 
  • Share videos and recordings with students 
  • Students can submit media assignments
  • Faculty can create media assignments that their students can view
  • Free

Who is Eligible for ShareStream?

All active faculty and staff are eligible for ShareStream. (Note: Students must be enrolled in a course to view any recordings shared in that course.)

What is ShareStream Best Suited For?

ShareStream is best suited for the storing and sharing of course-related videos and recordings, as well as of e-reserves. 

Data Security Considerations

ShareStream can be used to store and share only low-risk data (videos). Personal data is not allowed to be stored in ShareStream.

How to Get ShareStream

To get ShareStream, students and faculty just need to log in to their course site in Canvas. Faculty will need to enable ShareStream in their Canvas course, then students can access ShareStream media by adding ShareStream to their course menu.  

Getting Started with ShareStream

To get started, review the UIS ShareStream how-to guides.

Getting Help/Additional Resources

For assistance and questions, contact the Georgetown Service Center by going to 

You can also visit the UIS ShareStream site to access documentation on how to use ShareStream in Canvas, using ShareStream as a standalone application, and for troubleshooting information. Check out the CNDLS page on ShareStream for information on what’s possible with ShareStream and to schedule a consultation.