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  • Anytime, anywhere access to your files (with Internet connection)
  • Box accounts are available to individuals and departments
  • Upload files from your computer to the cloud
  • Share files and folders with anyone both within and outside GU
  • Edit files in real time (changes saved automatically)
  • Work on files offline (for upload later)
  • Unlimited quota limit per account
  • 50 GB size limit on single files
  • Desktop client available, Box Drive, that you can install on your Windows or Apple computer. With Box Drive, you can upload and edit files from your computer, as well as sync files and map Box drives to your Box account.
  • Free for all Box account holders

Who is Eligible for Box?

All active Georgetown students, faculty, and staff are eligible for a Box account. 

What is Box Best Suited For?

Storing and sharing:

  • Departmental/administrative files
  • Some financial data 
  • Research data
  • High-risk files (e.g., FERPA), and other confidential data


  • For storing video files, we recommend using Panopto.
  • For storing low- to medium-risk academic and departmental/administrative files, we recommend using Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive. 

Data Security Considerations

Box can be used to store and share all data types, and is recommended for storing high-risk data.

How to Get Box

All active Georgetown credit students, as well as faculty and staff of the Main Campus and the Medical Center, receive Box accounts for as long as they maintain at least one of those affiliations with the university.

Getting Started with Box

To start using Georgetown Box, complete a simple, one-time setup process to activate your Georgetown Box account. Once you activate your Box account, you can log in to Box.

Getting Help/Additional Resources

For assistance and questions, contact the Georgetown Service Center by going to For more information about Box at GU, and to log in to Box, visit the Georgetown Box site, or visit the UIS online help portal for Box knowledge base articles. For additional product assistance, you can also visit the Box support site.