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CrashPlan is a cloud-based backup service that enables you to securely back up your personal GU or departmental desktop or laptop computer. 


  • Provides regular backups of your data in the background
  • Most data types can be backed up (except high-risk/confidential data)
  • Unlimited backups
  • Data backups performed automatically 
  • Annual cost to your department (and requires approval by your department)
  • License allows backups on up to 3 computers

Who is Eligible for CrashPlan?

All active Georgetown faculty and staff are eligible for CrashPlan.

What is CrashPlan Best Suited For?

Crashplan is best suited for GU faculty, staff, and departments who want to regularly back up their data.

Data Security Considerations

CrashPlan can be used as a backup option for most data types and data risk levels. (Note: High-risk data is not permitted on CrashPlan.)

How to Get CrashPlan

Contact the Service Center by going to to request a CrashPlan license. 

Getting Started with CrashPlan

To obtain a license, contact the Service Center by going to 

Getting Help/Additional Resources

For more information about CrashPlan, go to the CrashPlan support page.