What is the Panopto archive?

The Panopto archive is a separate, less expensive storage space that’s different from the on-demand storage we are used to in Panopto. Recordings in the Panopto archive are not available for immediate playback.

When a recording is archived, the share permissions in Panopto are kept intact, are searchable and visible to both creators (owners) and viewers.

Archived recordings can be restored by creators (owners) and viewers alike. However, the process to restore a recording to the on-demand storage space can take up to 48 hours before it is available to view.

The creator will receive an email notification when a recording has been restored. The email will include a link to the restored recording and information on who requested the recording.

Creators can also prevent their Zoom Cloud recordings that haven’t been viewed in over 1 year from being sent to the archive.