Panopto FAQs


What are Panopto folders?

Folders in Panopto are the places where recordings are stored and organized. They can consist of My Folder, Course Folder(s), Assignment Folder(s), and Subfolder(s).

– My Folder: This folder contains your personal Panopto recordings and folders. Learn about My Folder at How to Use My Folder.

– Course Folder: This folder is automatically created when Panopto is enabled in a Canvas course.

– Assignment Folder: This folder needs to be manually created by the owner or creator of a folder (excludes My Folder) in order for viewers (typically students) to create and submit Panopto recordings to the folder creator (typically faculty). See our guide to learn more about Assignment folders in Panopto.

– Subfolder: This folder type can be manually created by the owner or creator of a folder (includes My Folder and Course Folder). For example, Zoom Cloud recordings are placed in a Subfolder called “Meeting Recordings” within My Folder.

What are the permission levels in Panopto and what can they do?

Panopto at Georgetown deploys three types of permissions:

– Videographer: Typically reserved for local IT support and program admins. This role can access, create, upload, and view recordings across multiple Panopto course folders.

– Creator: Typically faculty have this role so they can create and upload recordings to specific Panopto folder(s).

– Viewer: Typically students and people outside of Georgetown have this role so they can watch recordings in specific Panopto folder(s).

Check out Panopto’s support site for a complete list of roles and permissions.


How do I access Panopto?

We recommend instructors enable Panopto in their Canvas course. Both students and instructors can use the Panopto button on the course menu to access Panopto. If you are not planning to use Panopto in Canvas then you can login to the Georgetown Panopto website (requires NetID) to obtain access.

I am supporting an instructor, how can I get access to Panopto?

Panopto user permissions and course folders are inherited from Canvas. If you need to create, upload, or view Panopto recordings, the instructor of the Canvas course should add you as one of the following course roles: Teacher, TA, or Course Designer.

Learn how instructors in Canvas can add people to their course, and about the different course roles and permissions available in Canvas.


How do I create Panopto recordings?

Instructors can choose to record content using the Panopto Desktop Recorder, or using the new web based Panopto Capture tool.

By default, students cannot record nor upload media in Panopto. Your instructor will need to Allow Students to Create Panopto Recordings in order for students to be able to record, upload, and share.

Can I use Panopto to record if I am not currently connected to the Internet?

Yes, you will need to use the Panopto Desktop Recorder, and the initial installation and setup requires an internet connection. In other words, before you’re able to record offline you must have downloaded, installed and signed into the Panopto Desktop Recorder.

With Panopto’s offline functionality, you can record audio, video, screen images, or PowerPoint slides even when you do not have network connectivity. The system will capture the content and store the material locally on the recording computer. Once you restore network connectivity, open the Desktop Recorder and choose a publishing destination folder for the recording, and start the upload to complete the process.

What does the PowerPoint and Keynote option do when using the Panopto Desktop recorder?

Selecting this option will only capture screenshots of each slide (plus audio from your computer). For Mac users, check out Panopto’s help article for details on supported versions of Powerpoint and Keynote.

Note: If you intend to record content on your screen beyond slides (e.g. slide animation, video, website, embedded video content within a presentation) and want Panopto to capture this content make sure to uncheck the Powerpoint and Keynote boxes.

Why can’t I upload a Panopto recording to my Canvas course?

Check to ensure you have enabled Panopto in your Canvas course. We recommend instructors enable Panopto in their Canvas course(s) before they record and publish.

By default, students can use Panopto in Canvas course Discussions to record, upload and embed content. Panopto recordings made in a Canvas Discussion will be shared with anyone in the course who can access the specific Discussion topic.

Alternatively, instructors can create a Panopto Assignments Folder if they want to allow students to record and upload Panopto media that are only shared with the instructor(s) in the course.

If I close the Panopto Desktop Recorder, will my recording still upload?

Yes and No. If you are using the Windows recorder, yes. The Windows recorder has a background uploading service that will transfer data to the Georgetown Panopto website as long as the recording computer stays on. The Mac recorder does not have this service at this time.


How do I publish a recording to a Panopto folder?

When you stop a recording, the system will automatically publish the recording to the Panopto folder that you set prior to starting the recording. See our guide on How to Publish Recordings for more details and publishing options.


How do I share Panopto recordings?

If an instructor has enabled Panopto in their Canvas course, and/or has embedded Panopto recordings in Canvas using the Rich Content Editor, then there’s no need to make any changes to the ‘Share’ settings in order for students to view them in Canvas. Panopto automatically allows students in Canvas to view any recordings uploaded and published to the specific Panopto course folder.

If you have a need to share recordings with people not associated with a Canvas course (can be shared with people outside or university), please see our guide on how to Share Panopto Recordings with Anyone or Specific People.

How can I find my Zoom Cloud Recordings and Share them?

The meeting host can locate their Zoom Cloud recordings in Panopto under a folder called ‘Meeting Recordings’ or ‘Zoom Default Folder’. If you do not see one of these folders, please contact:

For details, see our guide on how to Find Your Zoom Cloud Recordings and Share Them in Canvas.


How do I copy or move a Panopto recording?

See our guide on how to Copy or Move Recordings for details.

How do I edit a Panopto recording?

Panopto recordings can be edited after they’ve been uploaded to the Georgetown Panopto website. See our guide on how to Edit a Recording for details.

Can I schedule a Panopto recording in my classroom?

Prior to scheduling a recording, we recommend instructors enable Panopto in their Canvas course(s) before the recording takes place.

Faculty and staff can request that their classroom computer automatically record during their class. However, please note there are some limitations. For example, the classroom must have a dedicated PC and audio/video hardware installed. Contact your classroom support group to confirm the classroom you teach in can be scheduled and recorded by Panopto. Also consider including in any scheduling request.


Why can’t I view Panopto recordings?

You may get error messages, a blank screen, or SSO login page when attempting to access or playback Panopto recordings. This is caused by cookie settings in your web browser. Please see our guide on how to Fix Errors Caused by Third-Party Cookies.

In other cases, you maybe required to “request access” to Panopto recordings that have not been shared properly. This can happen when the owner or creator of the Panopto recording needs to properly embed the Panopto recording in Canvas, or adjust the sharing permissions if it has been shared outside of Canvas.

Why don’t I see Panopto recordings in my course?

– Faculty: First check to ensure you have enabled Panopto in your Canvas course. Also check to ensure you have published the recording to the correct course. If the recording is in the wrong Panopto Folder follow our instructions on how to move recordings and move it to the correct Panopto Folder. If you cannot locate the recording it may not have been uploaded. Open the Panopto recorder and attempt to re-upload the missing recording. Email the Panopto support team if you need assistance:

– Students: Contact your professor to ensure they’ve enabled Panopto in the course, and have uploaded or shared the recording in question. Also, your program or department may have their own Panopto support team that can assist you. Check out the Panopto Support page for list of campus specific IT support teams and AV contacts.

Why can’t I record, upload, or share Panopto recordings?

– Faculty: If you cannot record, upload or share Panopto recordings, please contact:

– Students: By default, students cannot record nor upload media in Panopto. Your instructor will need to Allow Students to Create Panopto Recordings in order for you to record, upload, and share.

Don’t see what you’re looking for or need help?

Check out the Panopto Guides or Support and Training page to get help.