FAQ (Institutional Purchase Procedures)

Our computers are due for replacement.  Who do we contact? 

Please see our Replacement Cycle web pages

What kind of computer should I purchase? 

UIS has configured several standard computers that are sufficient for almost all users. Information on hardware and software standards can be found on the required minimum specifications page.

Laptop users may choose from one of several Dell or Apple laptops. For information on these models, please visit the Dell online store or Apple online store. If you are not sure about your options or if you have technical questions, please contact the appropriate help desk.

What if I purchase a computer that is not a Dell or Apple? 

Centrally-funded computers must follow the ordering standards. If the computer is departmentally-funded, and it is not a standard computer system, you will have to pay Georgetown University $75.00/hr for any future onsite hardware support. We strongly advise against this, and would be glad to help you obtain information on a comparable computer that fits our standards and your needs.