Computer Institutional Purchases

Institutional computer purchasing occurs any time you use a university purchase order or procurement card to purchase a Windows, Apple, or Linux computer for teaching, research, or university administrative business.  A purchase is considered institutional even if you are using grant funding or personal research dollars.  All institutional purchases are considered to be owned by Georgetown University.

If you are a faculty or staff member and are uncertain whether you need to purchase a new computer, please visit the Computer Replacement Program page before you buy anything.  

A non-standard computer system may have limited on-site support and may incur vendor based support fees. UIS desktop staff are able to order parts and supplies for Windows and Apple computers that are purchased through the university contracts and can facilitate warranty repairs. Computers from other vendors may have to rely on coordination with those companies which will extend repair times.

UIS staff managing computer purchasing are only able to purchase computers and accessories as part of the Main Campus Computer Replacement Program. We can provide quotes with configurations for Windows and Apple computers that departmental business officers can enter as requisitions within GMS. Departmental business officers can also request accounts within the Windows and Apple purchasing portals to create quotes and purchase them directly. Please e-mail to request an account.

Obtaining a Main Campus Replacement Program Funded Computer

Contact to open a ticket with your request.  UIS staff will inquire with the Main Campus Finance Office to identify if you are currently eligible for a program funded computer.  If you are, we will assist you in selecting the model and customizations you need and place the order.  If not, we will investigate when you may become eligible for a program funded replacement computer.  Please note: the Main Campus Finance Office has to provide financial approval in GMS for every program funded purchase after UIS has created the order for you.

We offer tiers of standard laptops and desktops to address a variety of needs within the Main Campus Replacement Program but you are not limited to those options.  We will work with you to identify any modifications or accessories that you may need.  Some modifications may not be covered by the Main Campus Replacement Program, if that is the case, we will request departmental worktags to fund the additional components.

All centrally-funded computers are shipped directly to UIS. When the order arrives, the program manager will contact you to coordinate the delivery, installation, and configuration of your system with UIS desktop support.  All university owned computers are required to have the UIS image and security software installed before they are deployed. 

GU Purchase Order

Computers can be purchased by authorized requisitioners from within GMS using the Staples, Apple, or CDW-G punchouts. Within the punchout, you will see the catalog of Georgetown approved computers.  When the requisition process is completed, an electronic Purchase Order is transmitted to the vendor – you do not have to send the PO yourself.

What if I Need Something Else?

If you need assistance with configuring a custom computer (intensive analysis of large data sets, supporting scientific instrumentation) please contact with a request for assistance.  UIS will work with you to configure a computer that will both meet your needs and can be supported under university contracts and staff resources.