Business Continuity

In the event that you or others you know come down with (contract) an extended illness, or if there’s an occurrence of an inclement weather event such as a snow storm or hurricane, you may want to continue keeping up with your regular activities, especially if you will need to stay at home for an extended period.

These pages will help you plan for how to continue working from home (or any other remote location) if you are unable to come to campus.

Law Center/Capitol Campus faculty, staff, and students who are interested in remote access should contact the Law Center/Capitol Campus Information Systems and Technology (IST) Department. All aspects of information technology for the Georgetown University Law Center/Capitol Campus community are planned, managed, and supported by the Law Center/Capitol Campus IST Department.

University Safety & Preparedness

The Georgetown Safety and Emergency Preparedness Web site is the university’s central repository for how to stay safe, secure, and informed in case, and ahead, of an emergency or inclement weather event.

The site explains how to use technology for telecommuting, provides information on how you can access Georgetown systems remotely, and includes resources for getting help if you work remotely.

The site should be your first point of contact in case of any emergency.

Resources for Teaching and Learning

Working Remotely


If you have any questions contact the Georgetown University Service Center by going to, or by visiting the Georgetown Emergency Preparedness Web site for emergency contact information.