Audio Conferencing

Georgetown offers the option of using either Zoom Meetings or Zoom Personal Audio Conference for your audio conference needs.

Zoom Meetings For Audio Conferences

With Zoom Meetings, you and your attendees can join a meeting using phone call, a Mac or Windows computer, the Zoom App from your mobile device (smartphone or tablet), or room-based conferencing system. The meeting host can manage the meeting using a computer or the Zoom App. You’ll also be able to share your screen during the meeting and record your meeting.

Scheduled and recurring Zoom Meetings have Meeting IDs that will eventually expire. You can use a non-expiring Personal Meeting ID for yourself or any administrative NetID you own.

The host does not necessarily need to join a Zoom Meeting for participants to speak with each other. However, this is controlled by either the meeting or host’s account setting. Login to your Zoom account to verify this setting. (new window)

Join a Zoom Meeting by Telephone

Meeting hosts and participants can use Zoom to conduct audio conferences using a telephone. Hosts can manage a meeting using their computer or the Zoom app on their mobile device.

Click here for details on how to join a Zoom Meeting by telephone.

Join a Zoom Meeting by Computer

To use Zoom Meetings with your computer, hosts can simply create a Zoom meeting; hosts and participants can turn off their video display to use their computer’s audio only.

Zoom Personal Audio Conference

With Zoom Personal Audio Conference, you can conduct phone-only meetings with call-in details that never change. The meeting host can manage the call through touch tones or a simple Web interface. Attendees must call in by phone, and cannot use the Zoom App to join. Meetings can be recorded, but other Zoom features are not available,

The host must join a Personal Audio Conference call before participants can speak with each other.

Use Zoom Personal Audio Conference if you prefer to use phone-based controls.

Zoom Meetings vs. Zoom Audio Conferencing Features at a Glance

The following table lists and compares the features of Zoom Meetings vs. Zoom Personal Audio Conference.  

Zoom Meetings Zoom Personal
Audio Conference
Participants Up to 300 participants (unlimited minutes) Up to 300 participants (unlimited minutes)
Cost Free for all current Georgetown faculty and staff. Free for all current Georgetown faculty and staff.
Join Meeting with a computer Yes No
Join meeting with a smartphone or tablet app Yes No
Join a meeting via phone call Yes Yes
Join a meeting with a video conferencing system (e.g., Polycom) Yes No
Host must join the meeting for particpants to speak No Yes
Meeting attendees can use webcam Yes No
Managing meetings via computer Yes No
Manage meetings with
smartphone/tablet app
Yes No
Manage meetings with phone touch tones No Yes
Record meetings Yes No
Screen sharing Yes No
Text chat and polling Yes No
Meeting security Yes Yes

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