FAQ (Audio Conferencing)

What tool do you recommend for audio conferencing?

We recommend Zoom for audio conferencing, either via Zoom’s Personal Audio Conference feature or by using the audio conferencing capability in Zoom meetings. With Zoom, you can host up to 300 participants.

What are Zoom’s features?

Zoom’s features include the following: 

  • No cost for Zoom meetings
  • Use a computer, mobile phone app, or phone call to join
  • Screen and presentation sharing
  • Record a meeting
  • Manage meetings from your computer or Zoom mobile device app

What is Personal Audio Conference (PAC)?

Zoom PAC is an audio conferencing feature offered by Zoom. PAC lets you conduct phone-only meetings with call-in details that never change. The meeting host can manage the call through touch-tones or a simple Web interface.

You can get PAC by adding it to your Zoom account.  

What’s the difference between Zoom Meetings and PAC?

Click here for an at-a-glance comparison of Zoom Meetings and PAC

How do I schedule and host a Zoom meeting?

Click here for details on hosting and scheduling a Zoom meeting. If you set up a Personal Meeting ID (PMI), click here for details on how to schedule a Zoom meeting with a PMI

How do I join a Zoom meeting by telephone?

Click here for details on how to join a Zoom meeting by telephone

Can I use the same call-in phone number for each Zoom meeting I schedule?

Yes, Zoom offers standard US (toll) numbers from which you can call in. Zoom also offers dial-in from more than 90 countries (international phone charges may apply).  

How can I get help with audio conferencing?

Click here for a list of audio conferencing help resources